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Electric Hook Up

If you have an Electric Hook Up available just plug in the vehicle and have instant temperature control. If not Use the Plug Adaptor.

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UK Plug Adaptor

This adapter is designed to fit into any UK plug socket, converting the 240V power supply into a compliant and safer electrical output.

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Power Ext. Lead

We can supply all accessories and cable extension up to 50 metres. Extension cables can be joined together to make longer lengths

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240v Van Socket

Our refrigerated vehicle are fitted with 'overnight compressors' that run on electric and diesel. Our vans will freeze and chill (or heat if you prefer)

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Electric Hookup (EHU) are usually located on bollards, walls or banks on generators. The standard EHU in the UK is blue

Suitable refrigerated vehicle: 

Use a high specified refrigerated vehicle

Check Power Supply Compatibility on site:

Ensure that the sites power supply matches your 240v 16a requirements. We can supply the household plug adapter.

Identify the EHU Bollard:

Locate the EHU bollard nearest to your position

Connect the Power Cable:

Insert the plug of the power cable into the EHU socket or plug adaptor. Align the pins properly, and firmly push the plug in until it clicks.

Secure the Connection:

Some EHU bollards have a locking mechanism to secure the connection. If so, turn the locking ring clockwise to secure the plug in place. Plug adapter has interlocking caps

Switch on the Power:

Turn on the power at the EHU bollard. Ensure the individual circuit breaker is on.

Check Power

Once the power is connected, the fridge display should illuminate and after a minute the fridge should kick

Use a Circuit Breaker:

Consider using a residual current device (RCD) or circuit breaker. This adds an extra layer of protection in case of electrical faults.


When you’re ready to leave, switch off the power at EHU bollard or plug adaptor before disconnecting.

Disconnect the Power Cable:

Unlock the plug (if applicable) and carefully pull it out of the EHU socket.

Roll up the Cable:

Neatly roll up the power cable for storage by the passenger seat.


Always follow safety guidelines provided by the site