Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On average, the cost for a short-term rental of a refrigerated van is approximately £375.00 + VAT per week, with the option to rent for a few days up to a few weeks. For long-term refrigerated van rentals, anticipate a cost of around £250 + VAT. per week

Ensuring effective insulation for your refrigerated van is crucial for precise temperature control. The overall expense for integrating refrigeration into your van typically amounts to approximately £20,000, with insulation constituting a cost of less than half that total. This just for a van conversion

A refrigerated van essentially functions like a household refrigerator, condensed into a vehicle. While these vans don’t become cold themselves, they operate by extracting heat, effectively maintaining a cold environment to preserve your products.

We can set an account up in minutes. A simple Google doc form is completed and viola!

The industry ‘norm’ is that your inhouse insurers will insure the vehicle because your insurers know you and we find it is the cheapest way. If not we can sort the insurance at extra cost.

All wear and tear, vehicle recovery / roadside, vehicle licence. Damage is not covered and charged accordingly.

Absolutely. the vehicles are used as emergency fridge freezers, Beer Cellars, Weddings, Fetes, Festvals to name a few.

Absolutely, We can deliver the vehicle, the operative wi9ll set everything up and then we will organise the collection

In Short. ‘YES’  we will supply all equipment